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Facial Treatments

At Zena Esthetique, facial care is the foundation on which a good aesthetic routine is based. We consider the basic facial to be the first necessary step before embarking on the range of high-end treatments that we can perform at the clinic. Genesis, photorejuvenation, fractional treatments, vascular treatments or even skin firming, we have equipped ourselves with handpieces that we consider to be complementary to our more traditional skin treatments such as microdermabrasion and chemical exfoliation. We can take care of your skin efficiently and safely. As you can see, we cover the majority of the skin treatment needs you may have. We are proud to announce that we can now perform fractional and firming treatments with two new handpieces, the Pearl® and the Titan® from Cutera. Trying to explain how proud we are to have these arms would not do them justice. These are handpieces that can do wonders. They can solve skin problems and improve the appearance of skin in ways that were not imaginable a few years ago. These are truly impressive technologies. Simply put they can restore the skin natural radiance.

Basic facial treatment

At Zena Esthetique, the basic facial is the foundation on which our various facial treatments are based. By adding this treatment to your skincare routine, you will ensure that your other skincare will be better received and thus ensure the best possible results.

Microdermabrasion Diamond Tip

At Zena Esthetique, microdermabrasion is a treatment considered complementary to the basic facial. Microdermabrasion keeps the skin visibly clean and allows it to breathe more easily.

Cutera® Genesis laser treatment

The Genesis laser treatment is the perfect treatment to help reduce blemishes commonly associated with aging. This treatment gives a healthier and more youthful appearance. It is an equally effective treatment for women as it is for men.

Fractional laser treatment

A fractional is a non-invasive skin treatment that comes closest to surgical care without being so. The procedure does not require any incision or insertion into the skin. It is through fractional light beam technology that the fractional manage to penetrate deep into the dermis. This procedure addresses blemishes on which you might have given up. Deep blemishes , the ones said hard to get rid of. Wrinkles, enlarged pores, irregular skin grains, old acne scars or even stretch marks. Fractional laser treatment is at an elite level when it comes to facials care and we are proud to offer this technique.

Facial vascular laser treatment

Laser vascular treatment is a light, non-invasive procedure that effectively targets lesions such as rosacea, varicose veins (rarer, but can appear around the cheeks, nose and lower face) and reticular facial veins. greenish blue in color and may measure 2 to 3 mm in diameter. They most often appear on the temple, along the cheekbone or even under the eye. Laser vascular treatments work on all skin types.

Facial tightening treatment

We are very proud to have added this treatment to our range of elite aesthetic treatments. The laser skin firming treatment has become over the years a solution to consider when one wants to maintain the rigidity of the skin.

Photorejuvenation (IPL)

We use Cutera's LimeLight laser for our photorejuvenation treatments. This technology is mainly aimed at removing pigment spots, rosacea and active acne. The LimeLight is also very efficient at balance skin color and improve complexion.


Over the past few years, the microneedling procedure has grown in popularity thanks to many celebrities promoting it on their social platforms. The fact is that microneedling does produce significant results. It is a treatment that treats facial skin by improving its texture and tone, reducing acne scars, and shrinking large pores. This technology uses small needles that prick the top layer of the skin.

Chemical Peels

Applying chemical peels to the skin to improve its general appearance is a simple and "old" procedure in the field of aesthetics and cosmetics. To this day, this very effective treatment has been successful in giving the skin (after the recovery period is over) a new and bright appearance. Chemical peels and mircrodermabrasion remain two treatments we strongly believe in. For years, we have seen the incredible results these treatments produce. Keep in mind, this treatment is safe for all skin types and can be applied not only to the face, but the hands, chest and neck, if desired.

Our Prices

  • Basic facial $160
  • Glycolic acid peel $245
  • Hyaluronic acid peel $260
  • Skin recovery treatment $320
  • Caviar Detox treatment $300
  • Lightening treatment $350
  • Microdermabrasion $320
  • Photorajeunissement $380
  • Genesis laser treatment $400
  • Vascular treatment $245
  • Microneedling $345
  • Fractional $690
  • Laser Skin Tightening Treatment $5.5/pulse

* A minimum of 48 hours is required to cancel or move an appointment. Any cancellation of less than 48 hours will causes a $40 fee on your next appointment.

** Applicable taxes. Prices subject to change without notice.